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I. Levy Sons was founded in 1891. We remain a small, family run business. About twenty years ago, we started to act as a warehouse/pick and pack operation for other small companies as we had all the infrasture (warehouse, labor skills, expertise, metro NY location) in one place.

Today, we are one of the leaders in providing specialty fullfillment services/pick-and-pack/third party logistics for a wide variety of small but leading edge companies.

We also specialize in one-time projects where a customized solution is needed. Some examples include: gift pack bags with multiple items; shipping a variety of educational materials for online courses; and hands-on retro-fit/repair of manufacturing defects/misakes so product is fit for sale.

If you own a small buisiness, a start up or a foreign company looking to break into the US market, a lot of the time is spent on "logistics" - receiving goods, warehousing, picking orders and shipping to customers.

If you outsource your warehouse/logistics to a small business fulfillment company, you'll be able to spend your time on more important and revenue generating activities, such as marketing and sales for your company.

However, it is essential to find the right small business fulfillment organization to receive, store, and ship your product for you.

Remember, not all small business fulfillment companies are created equal. Many fulfillment companies claim to have expertise with specialty and small buisiness pick and pack but do not specialize in working with small businesses. Some focus on large companies. You might find yourself lost in a million square feet of storage space with no customized service. On the other hand, some small business fulfillment companies are so small they might be prone to making mistakes, which could severly impact your business for the negative.

Fulfillment requires professionalism.  Especially for smaller companies, startups or foreign companies entering the US market who need specialty fulfillment geared to their unique requirements.  I. Levy Sons has been in business since 1891, bringing knowledge and experience, along with flexibility, friendly service, and respect for small business owners.

ILS Specialty Fulfillment provides a variety of specialty fulfillment services for businesses caught in an unfavorable middle ground. Getting too large to conduct your own order fulfillment? Still too small to justify the fees associated with a public warehouse?  Or not wanting to make the commitment to a warehouse lease, labor and related expenses?

That is where we come in.  Our expertise is providing specialty fulfillment for small companies, start up companies, companies wanting to outsource their warehouse / fulfillment operations and foreign companies requiring a U.S. warehouse pick and pack operation.

ILS Fulfillment Keeps It Simple

Other fulfillment companies have confusing a pricing structure: set up fees, storage fees, paperwork charges, charges per piece picked, charges for cartons, etc. However, ILS fulfillment makes monthly charges simple and easy to understand and you can easily project costs as your business grows.

We understand the complexities of selling goods in the United States and the need to deliver them efficiently.

You took orders at trade shows, now they need to be delivered the least expensive and most efficient way possible.  Our specialty fulfillment experts will provide the services you need.

If you are a foreign company selling your products in the US, you  will could a logistical nightmare of delivering the orders, collecting the money, dealing with the customers..... and you are thousands of miles away.

We have been there, done that, and definitely know how hard it is.

Whether you are a foreign or domestic company our specialty fulfillment services offer you warehouse facilities and will manage your deliveries for you.  You can concentrate on manufacturing and marketing your goods, and we will get your orders picked, packed and shipped.

Our specialty fulfillment services are unique in that many warehouse and fulfillment companies prefer not to deal with small companies and are not interested to have to pick one and two items out of boxes to fulfill orders.  Because we understand specialty fulfillment and the needs of small companies, we have developed a niche market in specialty fulfillment and pick and pack services.

In choosing a specialty pick and pack organization, it is difficult to sort out claims made on a website. There are "referral" and "ranking" websites that are paid to "refer" and "rank". We are selective. We work only with companies where we both feel comfortable after understanding what is needed and what we offer. Check out our testimonials, we will give you more contacts if you'd like.

In addition to specialty fulfillment services, we can provide a full office function and customer liaison for you, collect your receivables, handle your inventory and act as your administrative office in the U.S. 

Whether you have a start-up or a long-standing specialty business, are domestic or foreign, we can assist you.


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